LUCI® is available now and is distributed  through industry partnerships. 

Healthy cows are essential for a dairy farm. The Somatic Cell-Count (SCC) measured in milk is an important indicator. The lower the SCC number, the healthier the cow. Due to consolidation and automation in the dairy farms. The farmers increasingly rely on sensor-based data to replace their own eyes and hands. Mastiline provides instruments for health monitoring of dairy cows, built into automated milking machines, allowing a farmer to keep close, careful watch over the herd.

The quality of the milk throughout the chain is more and more important, especially in relation to consumers and consumer focus regarding animal welfare.

LUCI® is a fully automated instrument that measures the somatic cell count of each individual cow

on-line in the milking machine on farm with great precision. LUCI is fully integrated with robotic milking equipment and thoroughly field-tested. The first series of LUCI instruments is produced and delivered to customers. LUCI® takes a small sample during a daily milking. The milk is automatically analysed for sub-clinical mastitis based on Somatic cell count (SCC).

LUCI® detects early-stage mastitis before it is visible with the cow,  because it uses  the power of nature; bioluminescent assay. Bioluminescent is commonly found in fireflies or other luminescent creatures.