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We believe in sustainable farming, in the health of the herd and the health and happiness of each individual cow. Animal health is part of our promise. With preventative care solutions we strive to keep cows healthy and add value through the entire dairy chain.

Mastiline, the company behind LUCI®, focuses on animal welfare using sensor-based technology. This results in better milk production, higher quality milk and increased food safety. Ultimately, it means higher efficiency for dairy farmers.

It is well documented that healthy cows produce more milk; LUCI® provides information on the health trends of an individual cow, and by extension, the quality of the milk as it is produced on the farm.

The health and safety of the food chain is vital to the wellbeing of people everywhere. It is essential to assure that our food is of the highest quality at every step in its global production, validated against known standards.

At the same time, there are pressures to produce ever more food as the human population increases.

Technological advancements and automation in the monitoring of the food chain are essential to guarantee its safe supply. Until quite recently, few technologies have become available to assure the safety of milk production at its earliest phase: directly on the farm, in the stalls themselves.