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Data becomes more and more important in dairy farming and throughout the dairy chain. Dairy farmers are looking for reliable data and actionable advice to support them in their daily operations and to improve compliance and productivity.

Mastiline has developed cloud-based software that collects and simplifies the raw data from the LUCI-instrument and visualizes through a dashboard, where different levels of access can be given to different users like the farmer and other user-groups like dealers, or main suppliers.

The software ranks and visualizes the cows with the largest increases or decreases in SCC values. This enables farmers to quickly monitor their herd and take-action with only the ‘attention’ cows. The list of biggest movers can also be used as a tool to monitor the health of cows after a treatment or considerations for the dry period.

The combination of SCC data with other data like milk production, conductivity enables even better feedback to the farmer on possible treatment of the cow. These combined data are automatically analyzed by the cloud based software of LUCI.